Jorge Messi: Leo Messi has not signed any contract!


Jorge Messi: Leo Messi has not signed any contract!
Jorge Messi: Leo Messi has not signed any contract!

Following the trip of Leo Messi to Saudi Arabia, there was immediately a lot of rumor that the player would change the cub at the end of the season, and that his career would continue in Saudi Arabia. Messi's father, Jorge, denied such rumors and confirmed that Messi still does not have any agreement with any club.

"There is absolutely nothing with anyone for next year," -Jorge said, as quoted by "The decision will never be made before Lionel finishes the league with PSG.
Once the season is over it will be time to analyse and see what is there, and then make a decision.

There are always rumours and many use the name of Lionel to gain notoriety but the truth is only one and we can assure you that there is nothing with anyone. Neither verbal, nor signed, nor agreed, and there will not be until the end of the season."

Eurosport expert on Leo Messi's situation

Cyril Morin of Eurosport believes that everything seems likely that Leo Messi will leave PSG and start his career somewhere else.

The question is which club will be the most suitable and whether Messi has a plan to change some things. “His behaviour during games, like walking around and showing no intensity in his work off the ball, drew plenty of criticism in the past two seasons.The fans believe he has been far less involved in the play than at Barcelona, and I don’t really understand what he is doing here.

His contract renewal was supposed to be sealed during the World Cup following a verbal agreement with Jorge Messi [Lionel’s father and agent]. But since then, there was a big difficulty for PSG and Messi’s entourage to find a real agreement, mostly on the salary.

So, in these last weeks, the feeling was more about the end of the road for Messi in PSG." It can be assumed that PSG and Leo Messi will end their relationship, and that the Argentine will look for happiness elsewhere.

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