Leo Messi fined by PSG!


Leo Messi fined by PSG!
Leo Messi fined by PSG!

After arriving in Paris, Leo Messi was seen as a big star and a man from whom much was expected. However, Messi failed to satisfy the club's leaders, and it appears that a change in the club's environment is coming soon. Barca fans can only hope that he will return soon.

It is the rule of the club in Paris that everyone is required to follow, even Lionel Messi. There was no doubt in the minds of the leaders of the French champions that this assertion would be confirmed today precisely on the example of one of football's greatest players.

A self-initiated departure by Messi to Saudi Arabia was the reason that Paris Saint-Germain's management initiated disciplinary proceedings against the player and imposed a suspension of two weeks on him.

Leo Messi is penalized

As reported by the French press, the offensive player for Paris Saint-Germain has been penalized for going to the Middle East without the club's permission and missing training, for which he has been sanctioned with two weeks without pay, as well as missed matches and training sessions with the team.

A sponsorship contract stipulated that Messi would appear in Saudi Arabia, and as a result, Messi did not alter his earlier plans. Nevertheless, after Sunday's defeat against Lorient (1:3), the Park of the Princes coaching staff decided to deny the team two days off (as a reward for their eventual victory) in the event of a loss.

The Argentinean traveled to the previously specified event despite the club's decision, which was the reason why the club had responded in the way it did. In fact, the fact that he put his personal obligations before those of the club was the reason that the club reacted the way it did.

The decision made tonight came into force immediately, and the offensive player will miss the matches against Troyes and Ajjacio due to a serious violation of club discipline.We will have to wait and see what this will mean for his future. Will this change his plans to leave the club, or will he still be staying in Paris?

Leo Messi

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