Gerard Pique Visits Miami to Reunite with His Children


Gerard Pique Visits Miami to Reunite with His Children
Gerard Pique Visits Miami to Reunite with His Children

Shakira, the Colombian singer, relocated to Miami with her two sons, Milan and Sasha, earlier this month. Her former partner, the Spanish footballer Gerard Pique, has now arrived in Miami to visit the children.

The Wear and Tear of Fame

Gerard Pique was filmed at the airport, and many onlookers noticed that the football star appeared tired and disheveled.

He had also noticeably gained weight, leading to comments on social media such as, "What happened to him?" and "It seems that he no longer trains either his body or his brain." Some even went so far as to say, "This is not what a happy man looks like" and "It seems that he relaxed too much on vacation."

Silent on Sensational Rumors

Journalists swarmed Pique as he left the airport, bombarding him with questions, including the alleged gender change of his new girlfriend Clara Chia.

However, the footballer declined to make any statements on the matter. Before traveling to Miami, Pique had taken a short holiday in Abu Dhabi with Clara Chia, who had previously been in a 12-year relationship with Shakira.

Shakira's New Chapter in the Search for Happiness

Shakira recently took to Instagram to share her emotions with her fans, writing: "I settled in Barcelona to give my sons stability, the same stability that we are now looking for in another corner of the world next to family, friends, and the sea.

Today, we begin a new chapter in the search for their happiness." She went on to thank the people of Barcelona who had supported her throughout her time in the city. "Thanks to everyone who surfed so many waves with me there in Barcelona, the city where I learned friendship is undoubtedly longer than love.

Thanks to everyone there who encouraged me, dried my tears, inspired me and made me grow. Thanks to my Spanish fans who have always protected me with their love and loyalty." As she flew out of Barcelona, Shakira shared a photo of the wing of the plane with the city below, adding: "But things are not always how we dreamed them.

At times we run but we don't arrive. Never doubt that I'm going to be here." The past year has been marked by Shakira's divorce from Spanish soccer star Gerard Pique, and the singer has had several controversial public appearances, particularly in her dedication of her latest songs to Pique.

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