Paulo Dybala told Cristiano Ronaldo: I hated you as a kid


Paulo Dybala told Cristiano Ronaldo: I hated you as a kid
Paulo Dybala told Cristiano Ronaldo: I hated you as a kid

Paulo Dybala proved to be a great reinforcement for AS Roma. This Argentine reminded again of his best days, now that he is under the guidance of Jose Mourinho. Dybala had many beautiful moments in Juventus, and many believed that with the arrival of Ronaldo, the club would be able to win the Champions League.

However, they did not have the strength for such a thing, but that period remained in everyone's memory. In an interview with DAZN, Dybala revealed what Ronaldo meant to the team: "We had three good years with Cristiano Ronaldo, we had a strong team and he gave us something extra."- he said, as quoted by AS.

Paulo Dybala on Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi

Dybala has always looked up to Messi as an idol since he was a child. That is probably a statement that will be made by every other Argentine boy. Throughout his life, he dreamed of playing on the big stage and becoming a star, and his dreams came true.

Dybala recalled a moment when the team was traveling away. He was approached by Ronaldo, and the two of them discussed a wide range of topics relating to football. Dybala made many laugh when he revealed what he said to Ronaldo.

“In Argentina, you can really feel the rivalry between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Obviously, as a child, I was always on Messi’s side. We were going to play a game one time, I was at the back of the plane and he [Ronaldo] was sitting at the front.

At one point during the flight, he came up to me to speak about soccer and lots of other things. We talked about life in general and at one point I told him, “I practically hated you as a kid!” We laughed about that.

We’ve always had a good relationship." Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are, after all, players who marked an era, and respect must be paid to them.

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