Transgender Rumors Haunt Gerard Pique's Girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti


Transgender Rumors Haunt Gerard Pique's Girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti
Transgender Rumors Haunt Gerard Pique's Girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti

Gerard Pique, a well-known Spanish professional football player, and his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti have been the subject of rumors and speculation on social media lately. A video posted on TikTok a few days ago has reignited the rumors that Clara, a student, is a transgender person.

The video alleges that Clara was born a man and underwent gender transformation with the help of Pique, who knew about it from the beginning.

The video also claims that Clara's physical transformation began when she was 12 years old and that her real name is Esteban.

Some comments on the video suggest that Clara used to look significantly different, and her alleged photos as a man have been circulating on social networks. The rumors have sparked numerous comments under the only joint photo of Clara and Pique on his profile.

Some comments include "He didn't mistake Shakira for a Twingo but for a transgender person", "Now I understand the line 'with someone just like you'", "In this relationship, both wear pants", and "This was to be expected from Pique".

The couple has not spoken publicly about the matter, and Shakira, Pique's ex-partner, recently moved to Miami with their sons to escape the drama that destroyed their 12-year relationship.

Marriage Plans Amid Controversy

Spanish journalist Monica Vergara revealed that Pique and Clara had discussed the prospect of marriage in front of some witnesses at a restaurant.

According to Vergara, the two called each other "love" and talked about Clara's desire to be married at some point in her life. The couple reportedly wants a low-profile ceremony that would be attended by their close friends.

Clara, who is a PR student, is reportedly struggling mentally from the entire saga and is undergoing psychological treatment. A Spanish journalist revealed that "Clara is a person outside the media world and suddenly she was involved, she does not feel comfortable or feel comfortable." He also stated that the PR student is "not having a good time and it costs her a lot the journalistic guard." It seems that the rumors and speculation surrounding Clara's gender identity are taking a toll on her mental health and well-being. The couple has not made any official statement, and it remains to be seen how they will address the issue.

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