Anthony Joshua wants to change: I'm not a fighter


Anthony Joshua wants to change: I'm not a fighter
Anthony Joshua wants to change: I'm not a fighter

Anthony Joshua had a specific style during his career and sometimes surprised many with his readiness and tactics in matches. Joshua spoke a lot about himself and his way of fighting in an interview with Sky Sports. Apparently, the Brit thinks a lot during the match, and he would like to change some things about himself.

It is clear that he is working hard on it and that he is preparing for the next challenges. "If you look at my character, I'm not the most aggressive outwardly type of person,"-Anthony Joshua said for Sky Sports, quoted by MIRROR.

"I'm not a fighter, I'm more of a boxer. There's a thought process and a method behind the madness. I've always tried to develop my boxing IQ, but over 12 rounds there are times when you have to fight. I wanna become a box-fighter, so I need to improve.

I'm a thinker, maybe even an over-thinker. The only way we are going to put everything my coach teaches me to the test is through fighting. I don't want to lie to the fans and say, 'I'm fighting this date' when there are still conversations in the background still happening.

If my coach decides to change his mind, I feel I am subject and able to change my mind. So I'm able to fight in July or August if I want."

Previous fights

What is important for him is that he knows how to adapt to the opponent and turn the match to his side.

Sometimes it didn't work out for him, but it looks like he's getting better and better in that field. Joshua remembered the match with Franklin and everything that happened. "The fight I was in with Jermaine Franklin, I realised I was in there with a counter-puncher.

You throw two and they try and hit you with three. I changed my gameplan, stuck behind my jab and got the win. I can build on that because there's going to be a day where just being a fighter may not work against a certain opponent," he concluded.