Luke Shaw on Jadon Sancho and the 'demons' he defeated during the penalty shootout


Luke Shaw on Jadon Sancho and the 'demons' he defeated during the penalty shootout

Manchester United managed to reach the final of the FA Cup last night after penalty shootouts. What was interesting was watching Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford and their penalty kicks. It reminded many of the match with Italy and the misses by Sancho and Rashford.

This time, both of them shot the penalty brilliantly, and Luke Shaw talked a little more about it. This left back decided to support both of them and give them an additional motive. "I was next to Jadon. I said: 'whatever happens, happens, just be confident.

It's part of football. Things happen, these things happen'- he said, as quoted by MIRROR.

Luke Shaw: They showed amazing confidence to step up

Shaw was aware that there was a huge amount of pressure on the two of them, but he didn't want it to distract them.

"And I think maybe what was playing on [Sancho and Rashford's] minds are the things that come with it – the racism and stuff that they experienced last time. But, of course, for me, they showed amazing confidence to step up and because the last time they took one in a shootout it was, of course, here and the memories of that.

But I'm really happy for both of them to put themselves forward and take really good penalties." There is no doubt in Luke's mind that Sancho is extremely happy after everything that has happened so far, and United would have a good chance of winning the competition.

"I haven't spoken to him [Sancho] but I'm sure there'll be maybe a bit of relief and I think very happy that they managed to take one and score. I've been involved in two penalty shootouts and I've been on the losing side both times (with United and England in the 2021 Europa League and Euros finals), so to win one today was a big relief for me."