Daniel Levy on Harry Kane and his future

"He can absolutely win a trophy at Spurs,"

by Sead Dedovic
Daniel Levy on Harry Kane and his future

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is the man who will be in charge of keeping Harry Kane in the team, which will certainly be a difficult task. Many believe that the Englishman will leave Tottenham this summer. In an interview with the media, Levy confirmed that he believes in Harry Kane staying in the team.

"He can absolutely win a trophy at Spurs," Levy said, as quoted by eurosport.
"But being a legend is also important. The fact that he’s the top scorer of Tottenham Hotspur; he’s making history.
I hope one day that there is a statue of Harry Kane outside our stadium

Daniel Levy and trophies

Levy is aware that the club has been without a trophy for a long time, but stressed that Tottenham have been close to it in the last few years.

However, for the fans, the trophy is what they want and the most important thing. "If you go back in history, Tottenham was a club that has a lot of history because it has won things.
In recent times, it’s not been where it needs to be.

We’re on a journey and we need to get better success on the pitch.
But we have been in the Champions League a number of times and we almost got there, winning the ultimate, which would have been winning the Champions League."
In the last few months, there have been rumors that Tottenham will get new owners and that a good offer has arrived at their address.

Levy denied such a thing. "I answer this question the way I’ve answered it for the last 22 years, so ENIC owns approximately 87 per cent of the club, we have 30,000 shareholders, most of them are fans, and we have a duty to consider any proposals anyone wants to make.
All I will say is that we’re not in negotiations with anybody, nor have we been over recent months and all the stuff that has been in the newspapers is completely untrue."

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