Federico Valverde punched Alex Baena after the match for insults


Federico Valverde punched Alex Baena after the match for insults
Federico Valverde punched Alex Baena after the match for insults

On Saturday night, Real Madrid player Federico Valverde is alleged to have punched Villareal player Alejandro Baena in the face. As local media reported, it happened after a match between the two teams taking part in the Spanish La Liga, which ended with the unexpected victory of the "yellow submarine" 3:2.

According to Baena, he is very pleased with the victory he experienced at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium as he announced on Twitter. In the same breath, he said that he was "saddened" by the attack that occurred after the match, according to Spanish Media, and added that he had not planned it.

The Uruguayan midfielder is believed to have reacted with his fists due to the curses that Baena allegedly directed at him during the match in relation to his unborn child, which are said to have caused him to react violently.

Several media outlets, including the Spanish radio station Cadena Ser, reported late Saturday night that Valverde punched Villarreal player Carlos Baena shortly after the Villarreal player had boarded the bus.

Baena and his statement

There is no evidence that Baena insulted Valverde's son, according to him.

"The way what's being said about me is very surprising to me. It's completely false that I said that," he wrote on Twitter. There has been no response from any of the clubs since the incident occurred. There has been a report of the whole situation to the police, so someone will have to react to a situation such as this.

Football is a sport full of 'sparks' and conflicts, but if it turns out that the Villareal player really said those things, he should be punished harshly. The game of football should be one where fair play is regarded as one of the most important aspects.

We haven't seen things like this from Valverde, but neither have we seen from the players of Villareal. In the end, we will find out the complete truth.