Marcin Oleksy, FIFA Puskas winner, on his leg-loss accident


Marcin Oleksy, FIFA Puskas winner, on his leg-loss accident
Marcin Oleksy, FIFA Puskas winner, on his leg-loss accident

Marcin Oleksy is the first amputee footballer to win the FIFA Puskas Award. It was in 2010 that Oleksy was involved in an accident that resulted in his leg being amputated. Earlier in his life, he was a member of the Polish amateur football league and had played for different clubs.

During an interview for Eurosport, Oleksy spoke about what he experienced in the accident as well as how the entire situation looked at the time. Oleksy was sent by the boss to fix the pothole. As a result, he found himself in the middle of a big problem.

“I was working on the roads and my boss sent me and my colleagues to fix a pothole,” said Oleksey talking on The Power of Sport. “An elderly man crashed a man into our road-roller and both the roller and the vehicle ran over my legs.
I lost consciousness in the ambulance and woke up when we got to the hospital.

I remember them putting a mask on me and I looked down and thought, ‘that leg has gone’. When I woke up again a few hours later, I saw the other leg had several screws in it.
I spent a month in the hospital. I won’t say there were no tears, of course there were.

My partner was pregnant and because of that I knew I couldn’t give up. I decided I had to fight”.

Marcin Oleksy and his dreams

Marcin Oleksy showed courage and strength, and after everything, he came back even stronger.

He knew he had someone to live for. His positivity and optimism amazed many. Oleksy is truly a reminder that you should never give up on your dreams. “What’s most important is to keep on fighting,” he added. “Life is beautiful.
I think when you have an accident, or nay kind of imperfection, you just have to enjoy being in this world”.