Matteo Berrettini Spotted in The Arms of His New Girlfriend Melissa Satta


Matteo Berrettini Spotted in The Arms of His New Girlfriend Melissa Satta

Italian tennis player Matteo Berrettini has been spotted in the arms of his new girlfriend, TV presenter Melissa Satta, on the beaches of Florida. The couple, who have an 11-year age difference, have been criticized for their romance, but have not let the negative attention dampen their happiness.

Private Matters, Public Criticism

In an interview with La Repubblica, Berrettini stated that his personal life is not up for public discussion. He expressed his frustration with the criticism and the lack of understanding behind the negativity, saying, "I'm having a romantic relationship like all the other kids my age.

Normal, and here too I'm sorry that such a positive thing, which is a feeling after all, is turned around as a professional distraction. Beyond the haters, I'm sorry for those who know about tennis: they are not constructive criticisms and I don't understand the reasons." Former US Open champion Flavia Pennetta, who is also the wife of Fabio Fognini, came to Berrettini's defense, saying, "Words hurt, I'm telling you from personal experience.

You feel accused, you are told very heavy words because then people exaggerate and go crazy. Matteo rightly said that he is a normal boy and his situation is actually a very normal one." Berrettini and Satta's relationship reportedly started in February after Berrettini ended a long-term relationship with tennis player Ajla Tomljanovi?.

Satta was recently by Berrettini's side at the Miami Open, showing her support for the Italian player.

Past Heartbreak and New Happiness

Satta was previously married to football player Kevin-Prince Boateng, who played for Milan and Barcelona.

After their divorce, Satta spoke about the difficult time she went through, saying, "I suffered a lot, it was a hard blow because I did not expect it and because it was not my choice. That's how it went, but today I'm very happy.

The important thing is to have a common goal which in our case is Maddox and is going well." Boateng, who now plays for Hertha Berlin, was forced to respond to claims that he cheated on Satta. He said, "I would like to say I did not leave my wife Melissa Satta for someone else.

I never talk about our divorce, but now I want people to stop thinking I cheated on her with Valentina. I am not one who leaves a woman for another woman. I decided to separate, it was a difficult period, I was playing for Monza, I was not mentally well.

I wanted to find myself. In 10 years with marriage, a son, so many this happen and we were at a point of unhappiness that we could not go on."