The fans booed Leo Messi: the Argentinian is close to returning to Barca

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The fans booed Leo Messi: the Argentinian is close to returning to Barca
The fans booed Leo Messi: the Argentinian is close to returning to Barca (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

It becomes less and less likely that the Argentine will stay in Paris in the future During the match against Rennes on Saturday (0:2), Paris Saint-Germain fans announced and did what they intended to do: they booed Lionel Messi.

As per their point of view, it seems that the Argentine may be the biggest culprit here that Paris Saint-Germain has ended another season in the Champions League far from the trophy, which the City of Light has never received until now.

This was probably the first time in Messi's career that he has faced boos from the fans of his club, so the chances of him staying at Paris Saint-Germain after the flight are dramatically reduced. A deadlock has been reached regarding the new contract negotiations, due to the fact that the Argentine wants to have the same conditions as Kylian Mbappe, which the Saints have not agreed to.

That is why it is becoming more and more realistic for Messi to return to his most beautiful place - Barcelona - where there is no place like home for him. The Spanish journalist reported a few days ago that Barca president Joan Laporta and Lionel Messi spoke on the phone, that the Catalan giant's first man apologized to the Argentine for what happened two years ago, and that the bridge to Nou is slowly being constructed.

Barcelona and the plans

Nevertheless, there is one twist in this story - Barcelona, at this moment, cannot afford it. To bring Messi to the club, the club would have to remove about 200,000,000 euros from the budget according to some calculations of the Spanish media in order to be able to do so.

There is no dilemma for the Barcelona players as far as their future is concerned. Sergio Roberto sent a message publicly to Messi when he heard the news about what happened to him in Paris. "We are waiting for Messi with open arms.

Who wouldn't want to wait for his return? In the end, it's better not to talk about it, because it's a matter that the president, director, and coach deal with. But as far as we players are concerned, our hands are open," said Roberto.

Leo Messi