Gerard Pique on Leo Messi's return: Now everyone is convinced of that


Gerard Pique on Leo Messi's return: Now everyone is convinced of that

Recently there has been much talk about the possibility of Leo Messi returning to Barcelona and the possibility of him playing there again. There was a great deal of shock when Messi left the team two years ago and went to Paris.

Now the hope is that Leo could make a comeback and change many of the things that are happening around the club. In the opinion of his former teammate Gerard Pique, it is likely that it will really come down to that in the end.

Nevertheless, he does not intend to get involved in Messi's plans, and strongly believes that the Argentine should make his own decision in this regard. "Only he knows his future. I think that winning the World Cup was the dream he had on a personal level.

It was the title he was missing to be considered the best ever,” he said, as quoted by “Now everyone is convinced of that. Now everything he decides is to look for where he can be happy. The most normal thing would be that he stays in Europe.

Barça could be there. For the fans, for him to return on a sentimental level would be amazing. But it’s his decision. No matter how much people say, there are only his feelings, his motivation..”.

Leo Messi and his potential return: World Cup and Barca

In the eyes of the Argentine, winning the World Cup was a dream come true.

It was the only trophy he lacked, and with that, he was able to confirm that he is the greatest player of all time, which is the ultimate accolade. Returning to Barcelona would make for a really great story, especially since no one would have expected him to leave the club in the first place.

There is no doubt that Messi will have an important role in the Catalan team in the future, whether as a player or in some other capacity remains to be seen.

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