Bukayo Saka: I believe in God and he's taking care of me

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Bukayo Saka: I believe in God and he's taking care of me
Bukayo Saka: I believe in God and he's taking care of me

After winning the award for Young Player of the Year, Bukayo Saka spoke to Standard Sport about how happy he is to play for Arsenal and that he enjoys every moment. "I'm just happy to be on the pitch," he said, as quoted by standard.co.uk "If I put it two ways: would I rather be injured or on the pitch, I want to be on the pitch.

If I'd asked myself when I was younger where I would want to be [now], it was on the pitch playing for Arsenal every week, competing at the highest level. So I take it, I'm happy. He is ready to give his best to the end, but by all accounts, Saka is also very tired.

"I just want to continue to push to the end of the season and then in the summer I can lock myself in my room and sleep for the rest of the summer!"

Bukayo Saka: God's been taking care of me

Saka is very religious and believes that God is responsible for all his success.

"When I'm in training, learn as much as I can and in the games just play 100 per cent. I leave the rest in God's hands. God's been taking care of me. Some tackles, I could have been lucky [to avoid injury] but I wouldn't call it luck.

I believe in God and he's taking care of me. I've just been staying fit and hopefully I can continue doing my best for Arsenal so we can have some happiness at the end of the season." Saka also commented on the award he won.

He is happy because they recognized how much he does his best. His games on the pitch show it best. "It's a pleasure to win. I won it a few years ago but I wasn't able to come because it was lockdown. So it's nice they're recognising what I'm doing on the pitch.

I'm really grateful. I feel I've improved a lot. I'm happy with the progress that I'm making but there's still a lot to do. I feel I'm in a good direction."

Bukayo Saka