Carlos Tevez honestly after 14 years: These are the reasons why I joined Man City

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Carlos Tevez honestly after 14 years: These are the reasons why I joined Man City

Carlos Tevez is one of the most hated players by Manchester United fans. The reason for this is his departure to the blue part of Manchester, more precisely to Manchester City. Many wondered why Tevez decided on such a bizarre move.

After 14 years, the Argentinian decided to reveal the real truth in this story. ‘I didn’t have to think about it too much because I was angry with Ferguson,’ Tevez told ESPN. ‘As a coach, he’s a phenomenon, he was at a club like United for such a long time.

But I had a situation with him.' Sir Alex Ferguson had promises for him. He wanted to instill confidence in Tevez. However, the Argentine did not have the patience to wait for Sir Alex. ‘(He told me) we’re going to buy you, but I’m going to bring [Dimitar] Berbatov.

Don’t worry, I’m going to bring him to compete with you. But we’re going to talk to your agent to agree on the contract and the transfer. (But) they didn’t call my agent, anything. Time was passing. They started to want to lower my price.

I was performing every time I came on and people started to shout my name. It was a year-long process of eating it up.’

Carlos Tevez joining Manchester City

Tevez decided that going to City was the best option. The sheiks promised him huge money, and it was hard to refuse such an offer.

“I had more or less agreed with the Sheikh that after the game, I would take a private plane, go with my family to Abu Dhabi to meet him and to settle the contract with City, all before the final with United. It was like a dagger for him (Ferguson).

And for me too, because I loved United. But for me he didn’t deliver all year, he made me suffer. It hurt me a lot, because I loved United. I loved playing at Old Trafford, for me it was like the Bombonera, it gave me that feeling.

Then the Sheikh came, they told me they wanted me to be the flag bearer of City, he presented me with the project of what the club is today and that’s it”.