Iker Casillas Finds Love Again with Italian Journalist Eva Gini


Iker Casillas Finds Love Again with Italian Journalist Eva Gini

Iker Casillas, the legendary Spanish footballer, has found love once again in the arms of Italian sports journalist, Eva Gini. The beautiful 30-year-old journalist, who has worked for renowned Italian publications such as Gazzetta dello Sport and Sport Mediaset, has captured the heart of the former Spain international goalkeeper.

A Match Made in Madrid

According to Portal Numero Diez, the couple has been spotted together on several occasions in Madrid. Gini, who is followed by almost 150,000 people on her Instagram profile, frequently shares glimpses of her private life, including several photos from her trips to Madrid.

However, she has yet to officially confirm her relationship with Casillas. Nevertheless, it seems that the media's speculations of a serious relationship between the two might be true.

A Proud Family: The Aftermath of Casillas and Carbonero's Divorce

In 2021, Casillas divorced journalist Sara Carbonero, with whom he has two sons, Martin and Lucas.

Despite the speed of the divorce proceedings, the former couple maintained a cordial relationship and confirmed it in a joint statement. Casillas took to Instagram to express his emotions in a heartfelt post, saying, "Both Sara and I feel enormously proud of the family we are and of having shared a love that has filled us with happiness during all our years together.

Today our love as a couple takes different but not distant paths since we'll continue together in the marvellous task of continuing to be devoted parents as we have been up until now. This is a well-considered decision which we have taken through mutual agreement."

The former football star and Carbonero first made headlines in 2010, when Casillas kissed her on camera after Spain's World Cup victory in South Africa.

The moment was widely covered by the media and remains one of the most memorable moments in World Cup history.

Who is Eva Gini?

Eva Gini is a young journalist born in Magenta, Italy, in 1993. She is currently working as a presenter for Inter TV, the official TV channel of FC Inter Milan. Before joining Inter TV, Gini covered Italian sports for Gazzetta dello Sport and Mediaset.