Soccer Player Gerard Pique Accused of Threatening Journalist with Death


Soccer Player Gerard Pique Accused of Threatening Journalist with Death

A soccer player has been accused of threatening the life of a journalist with death. Spanish journalist Jordi Martin has come forward with serious allegations against soccer legend Gerard Pique. In a recent episode of the Spanish talk show "El gordo y la flaca," Martin claimed that the soccer player threatened him with death and almost ran him over with a vehicle.

Exceeding the Limits: The Love Triangle Conflict Escalates

The conflict between Martin and Pique stems from the recent cheating scandal involving Pique and his relationship with Clara Chia. Martin, who was close to the love triangle, did not take kindly to Pique's behavior and spoke out about it on the show.

Serious Allegations Made by Jordi Martin

In a shocking statement, Martin claimed, "When they got out, Pique accelerated the car in such a way that he almost ran me over. A little later, we passed each other on the road and they both laughed at me, insulted me, and made obscene signs." The Spanish journalist also reported that Pique had threatened him in the past, stating, "Pique got my phone number and even called me saying 'I’m going to die,' by the way, it’s not the first time." These allegations come on the heels of another report claiming that Pique had slept with a 22-year-old lawyer after his breakup with Shakira and early in his relationship with Chia.

In the podcast, Martin also spoke about an incident where he questioned Pique about a recent song published by Shakira.

The journalist claims that Pique took the joke as a caricature and entered the journalist's house, leading to the alleged attempted hit-and-run. According to Jordi Martin, the allegations that have been made against him paint a troubling picture of the behavior of one of the biggest names in Spanish soccer. Pique has yet to respond to the serious allegations made against him, and it remains to be seen how he will do so.

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