Manchester United mocked by Pep Guardiola


Manchester United mocked by Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola surprised many when he commented on Manchester United and their Carabao Cup win. It is particularly interesting that Guardiola mentioned money in the whole story. "Congratulations to United for the Carabao Cup and to Newcastle as well - the game was entertaining.

Sooner or later it should happen, shouldn't it? It should happen. Welcome. If they spend a little more money, yes! It's because they didn't spend, isn't it?" I remember when we travelled to win our first Carabao Cup and everyone was so excited to do it.

For the staff it was new, for the players it was new."- Guardiola said as quoted by

Erik ten Hag on his trophy

Erik ten Hag won the first trophy on the Manchester United bench. They have been waiting for this trophy for a long time, 6 years to be exact.

The Dutchman caused optimism among United fans, who hope that their team can do even better. United fight for 3 more fonts; Premier League, Cup, and Europa League. He will have a difficult task, but another trophy would be a great prelude to the next season.

"It is about glory and honour and if you want to prove something and win something you have to do it because no one is bringing something to you in top football. You have to win the first [trophy] and that is what we did today.

You can take inspiration from this, but also more confidence. We are still at the start [of the process] to restore Man United to where they belong. We showed the right spirit – we fought and gave everything, as a team.

It wasn’t always the best football but it was effective. There is a hunger and desire for trophies." Tomorrow they will face a new challenge in the form of West Ham. It would be really fantastic if they achieve the same success in the FA Cup, but it won't be easy.

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