Graham Potter: You can't rely on support forever, that’s for sure


Graham Potter: You can't rely on support forever, that’s for sure

Graham Potter is in big trouble after the 2-0 defeat to Tottenham. Many believe that this is the end for him. It's not easy for Potter, considering that the pressure from the fans is too much. "If results aren't good enough, which they aren't at the moment, you can't rely on support forever, that’s for sure,” he told Sky Sports, as quoted by
“My job is to keep going, to keep working with the team and try and change that.

The players are hurting. They are giving everything and want the results to get better, I can feel it in the dressing room." Graham knows what the management's and fans' expectations are. He is aware that they need to do better.

"Whenever you hear those results [stats], I hold the responsibility. They are not good enough for this club, not good enough for us. We are not happy with them." Potter had no complaints against the players. He believes that Tottenham's goal changed the course of the match.

“We have to understand the moment we are in. At the same time, I take full responsibility for those results. It isn’t good enough for Chelsea, that’s for sure. We want to try and improve it.
I thought the players gave it everything, no complaints from how they were, it's just that the goal changes the complexion of the game and that made it difficult for us”.

Graham Potter on Spurs' match

Potter spoke about his team's performance, as well as the way they conceded goals. “I thought the first half was an even game. We had some moments, they had some as well.
We were well in the game, away from home.

The second half was a disaster for us in terms of going behind early.
We huffed and puffed after that and kept going, without doing enough to create big opportunities, which is not easy against Tottenham who defend well and once they have got a goal ahead, it gives them something to defend and obviously counter-attack well.
The second goal was a set-piece, like I said I didn’t think there were too many big chances in the game - relatively even overall”.