Mick Schumacher on the approach for the next season and full engagement


Mick Schumacher on the approach for the next season and full engagement

Mick Schumacher is a driver from whom much is expected in the coming years. The son of the legendary Michael Schumacher, he will be the third Mercedes driver next season. However, a full commitment is still an option, given that a large number of teams are interested in Mick.

"There is no guarantee,” Schumacher said, quoted by crash.net “But I’m in a comfortable position where I can learn and extract the maximum from the year. I’m sure with the results I’ve shown in junior categories and also in F1 that there will be opportunities." Already during the winter, teams that wanted to hire him came forward.

"Over the winter, people have mentioned that there is interest”. He is always dedicated to what he does, and the simulator is his main obligation at the moment. He is ready to help the team in any way. “I have the experience of driving last year’s car, in the new generation.

That means my approach to the simulator is similar to the racing drivers on track. I can talk about time models, how the car behaves. So accordingly we can change and adapt the simulator quickly."

Goals for the next season

Mercedes is a big team, where expectations from you are high right from the start.

It is obvious that they recognized something in this young driver who is ready to give everything he has to Mercedes. “Hopefully with that, we can get the team live feedback and a set of options which will work well on track.

I will take a similar approach, going to every weekend as if I am racing, keeping sharp. I will see what I can learn, what I can take away. I will be as much of a help to the team as I can be. I will keep the same approach and excitement.

It is a privilege being a part of Mercedes, a place where I always felt at home. In terms of racing it isn’t the step that I wanted. But it’s another way to improve my driving."