Randal Kolo Muani on the final and the chance he had: I still watch it


Randal Kolo Muani on the final and the chance he had: I still watch it

The final match between France and Argentina brought excitement like no other final so far. Randal Kolo Muani had the best chance to bring victory to his national team in the last minute of the match. However, the goalkeeper of Argentina, Emiliano Martinez made an excellent save, and thus saved his team.

Kolo Muani still remembers that detail. He believes that he could have scored a goal and done some things differently. "I still watch it, I know it off by heart," Muani said, as quoted by eurosport.com “In my head, I said to myself – Randal, you have to shoot now.

I tried to shoot towards the near post but the goalkeeper made a very good save. But there were other options. I could have lobbed him, or find Kylian Mbappe [who was free on the left]. But in the moment, I didn’t see him.

It’s only when you watch back that you discover the other options. It’s too late. It still sticks in my throat and it’ll be there for life."

Emiliano Martinez

Emiliano Martinez was the hero of his team. His saves will be remembered and he must be given credit for what he did.

Martinez emphasized that he will never forget the moment of victory. “It's a moment that I always have to give to my team-mates, they scored three goals against me and it hurt, but then I did everything right,”-Emiliano Martinez said.
“It was a game of suffering, just two efforts against us and they drew level with us.
One thing we said was that it was our destiny to suffer, we got 3-2 ahead again, and then they gave another penalty against us.
Then I did my thing, what I dreamed of, there could not be a World Cup that I have dreamed of so much”.