Joana Sanz Announces Divorce from Dani Alves

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Joana Sanz Announces Divorce from Dani Alves

Soccer player Dani Alves is no stranger to controversy, but his recent arrest for alleged rape has sparked an outpouring of support and criticism from fans, friends, and family alike. This week, model Joana Sanz announced that she has decided to divorce Alves after five years of marriage, following his refusal to visit her in prison and his mounting legal woes.

In a recent statement, Joana asked the media to respect her privacy during this difficult time. She explained that she has just lost her mother and is still grieving her loss. She also wrote that she is "tormented" by the situation with her husband and feels as though she has lost "the only two pillars in her life.

Alves, on the other hand, has given several conflicting statements regarding the allegations against him. In his first statement, he claimed not to know the alleged victim, a 23-year-old woman who accused him of rape in a Barcelona nightclub.

He later admitted to having s*xual relations with her in the club's VIP bathroom but claimed that the encounter was consensual. "I would like to deny it. I love dancing, but without invading the environment of others," Alves stated in an interview with Marca. "I'm very sorry, but I don't know who this lady is, I don't know her...I don't like to invade anyone's space, how can I do that to a lady? I don't know who she is.

She is hurting my family."

Joana Regrets Defending Dani Alves

Joana has been a staunch defender of her husband, previously stating that she fully believes in his innocence and that he has always treated everyone with respect.

However, Spanish media sources suggest that she now regrets this stance and is distancing herself from the scandal.

UNAM Pumas Drops Dani Alves from Team Roster

The leaders of Mexican soccer club UNAM Pumas have taken a firm stance on the issue, removing Alves from the team roster.

The club stated that they do not tolerate behavior that goes against their values and principles. Alves, who has a daughter and son from a previous marriage to Dinor Santana, faces a prison sentence of 4 to 12 years if he is found guilty at trial. The case is still ongoing, and updates are expected in the coming weeks.

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