Alice Campello, wife of Alvaro Morata, Recalls Post-Childbirth Complications


Alice Campello, wife of Alvaro Morata, Recalls Post-Childbirth Complications

The wife of Spanish soccer player Alvaro Morata, Alice Campello, has revealed the harrowing details of her near-death experience after the birth of her daughter, Bella. In a guest appearance on the Italian television program "Verissimo", Campello recounted bare the events that took place after the delivery of her baby girl.

Bleak Reality

Campello recounts the traumatic experience of losing an excessive amount of blood after Bella's birth and the subsequent measures that had to be taken to save her life.

"I had a lot of bleeding and it was terrible," she recalls, "The doctors couldn't stop it and I spent 12 hours in the operating room, where they intubated me and gave me 17 blood transfusions." Despite the best efforts of medical professionals, Campello's condition was extremely critical.

"The last hope was the balloon they put in me. If it hadn't stopped the bleeding, they would have had to remove my uterus, otherwise I would have died," she said.

Moment of Clarity

However, the dark clouds lifted and the sun shone once more for Campello.

The balloon was successful in stopping the bleeding and she gradually made a full recovery. "I have a picture in my head of lifting the sheet and seeing blood. I don't remember anything from there, it was ten in the morning, and after that I woke up at ten in the evening," she recalls.

Campello had gone to the hospital that day, hopeful and excited for the birth of her daughter. Little did she know that what should have been one of the best days of her life would turn into a nightmare. "I went to the hospital thinking that it would be one of the best days of my life, but it ended like that.

The birth went very well and was the most beautiful, by caesarean section, since I couldn’t have chosen otherwise," she recounts, "However, when I held the baby in my arms, I started to feel bad."