Pique and Journalist Clash Over Shakira on Twitter

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Pique and Journalist Clash Over Shakira on Twitter

In the music industry, Shakira's latest release has caused quite the stir as it alludes to the infidelity of her former partner, Gerard Pique. As expected, the former footballer has been reacting to the name-calling and the latest to join in the fray is journalist Jordi Martin.

"My Best Friend Watches Me"

Pique was bothered by Martin, who revealed some details from his life and openly supported Shakira. The footballer tweeted "My best friend watches me ?‍???," in response to Martin's Instagram story that showed Pique reviewing his articles about Gerard and Shakira.

"Leave Drugs. Cocaine is very F*cked Up"

However, things took a turn for the worse when Pique commented on the story with a scathing remark. He told the journalist, "Leave drugs. Cocaine is very f*cked up." Martin responded with a longer comment, which he later deleted, writing "I don't tag you and you react.

You watch my stories all the time, half the world hates you. Maybe there's something that's bothering you and you don't want it to come out? Are you and your new girlfriend going to get horns?"

Shakira's New Hit Could Contain References to Pique

Shakira's new song is set to be released on February 2, a day that holds special significance as it marks the birthdays of both the Colombian singer and Gerard Pique.

Numerous reports suggest that the new hit could also contain references to Pique in a more subtle and less direct way.

Pique's Response

In the show, Gerard Pique made fun of his former partner Shakira and her new song, which collected 90 million views in two days.

Pique founded a league where influencers and former footballers play football called "The Kings League". "I have a big announcement. Casio gave us watches as a gift. We have a contract with Casio, they sponsor this league," said Pique while the others in the studio laughed loudly.

"You're kidding," added one of the guests. "No, no, I'm serious. Here, they sent everyone a watch," said the football player. “Why did Casio join?” asked one of the participants. "Because of Shakira's song," Sergio Kun Agüero, a retired Argentinian soccer player who called in via video, immediately replied, and everyone laughed even harder.

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