Rafael Nadal lost: Huge disappointment on his face

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Rafael Nadal lost: Huge disappointment on his face

Rafael Nadal lost in the match against Mackenzie McDonald and thus surprised everyone. Although he was one of the main favorites, he left the Australian Open prematurely, and the main reason was a hip injury. The Spaniard was visibly disappointed at the pre-conference because this tournament was very important to him.

”I don’t know what’s going on, if it’s muscle, if it’s joint,” he said, quoted by indianexpress.co.uk “I have history in the hip. I had to do treatments in the past, address (it) a little.

Was not this amount of problem. Now I feel I cannot move”. He did not forget to congratulate his opponent despite the visible disappointment. “I didn’t want to leave the court with a retirement. Better like this at the end.

I lost. Nothing to say. Congratulate the opponent,” he said.

Rafael Nadal is disappointed

It's hard to accept such things. He is aware that due to the injury, he could not give his maximum, and that is probably what frustrates him.

“Sometimes it’s difficult to accept. Sometimes you feel super tired about all this stuff in terms of injuries,” Nadal continued. “Just can’t say that I am not destroyed mentally at this time, because I will be lying”.

It is redundant to talk about his motivation and desire, but unfortunately, sometimes even that is not enough “It’s a very simple thing: I like what I do. I like playing tennis. I know it’s not forever. I like to feel competitive.

I like to fight for the things that I have been fighting for almost half of my life or even more,” he said. “Of course it’s tiring and frustrating (for injuries) to be a part of a lot of my tennis career, (focusing) on recovering process and trying to fight against all this stuff all the time. But I accept it quite well during all my tennis career, and I was able to manage it well”.