Who Is Celina Locks, Ronaldo's Future Wife?


Who Is Celina Locks, Ronaldo's Future Wife?

Legendary Brazilian soccer player Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima proposed to his 14-year-old girlfriend - model Celina Locks - during a vacation in the Caribbean. Although she is in a relationship with a famous soccer player, she doesn't know much about her.

Celina pretty much hides her private life, but as a professional, she is hard to miss. She started her career as a model and within a few months, she was preparing for catwalks in some of the world's biggest fashion shows.

She later started working with big brands like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Dior and was a regular on magazine covers and billboards.

She participated in the Women Secret fashion show in Madrid, Spain in November 2017 and was in the Blow Models show. She is also an Instagram star, where she publishes various content and is followed by 300,000 followers. Recently, the Brazilian beauty began her entrepreneurial journey by launching a hair care brand called Celina Locks Beauty, which sells hundreds of thousands of products worldwide every year.

Ronaldo has been seeing Brazilian Celina for seven years. In March of last year, Celina deceived the public into believing that she was pregnant with her future husband's fifth child.

She posted a selfie with her hands on her stomach and wrote: "A new phase of my life begins and with it a great responsibility." She later revealed that her new 'baby' was actually a perfume she had launched as part of a beauty range.

Ronaldo and Celina have not yet announced where and when they will get married.

Ronaldo's proposal

Ronaldo recently proposed to his 14-year-younger girlfriend, model Celina Locks, during a romantic vacation in the Caribbean.

The news was confirmed by Locks herself, who shared a photo of the couple on her Instagram profile, with a shiny ring prominently displayed on her finger and a caption reading "YES, I do! ???" The couple, who have been together for seven years, received congratulations from friends and fans alike, including a heartfelt message from Ronaldo's first wife, Milene Domingues.

“I’m happy for you. God bless and protect you always. Long live love”. Domingues wrote. This will be the third official marriage for the former Real Madrid player, who was previously married to Domingues for four years before their divorce in 2003.

He also allegedly married model Daniella Cicarelli in 2005, but the marriage was never officially recognized as they did not finalize their divorce from their previous partners. Ronaldo's most recent marriage was to Maria Beatriz Antony, which lasted from 2008 to 2012, and together they have two daughters.

The news of the engagement comes as a surprise to many, as the couple has kept their relationship relatively private over the years. However, it's clear that the couple is deeply in love and excited to take the next step in their relationship.