Soccer Star Alvaro Morata's Wife in Intensive Care After Giving Birth

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Soccer Star Alvaro Morata's Wife in Intensive Care After Giving Birth

Alice Campello, the wife of Spanish soccer player Alvaro Morata, was in intensive care after giving birth to her fourth child. "Bella was born on the 9th and she is wonderful.
The mom unfortunately and after the birth went very well she has started having complications that have scared us a lot!

Right now he is in the ICU of the University of Navarra Clinic cared for by the best doctors and is slowly recovering very well... she is very strong ????
We don't want to stop thanking all the doctors for having been at every moment caring, understanding and very professional, each and every one of them...

we have no words to thank you for what you have done and we feel huge admiration for you.
Thank you all for the thousands of messages we've received, we send you a very big hug and we'll keep telling you.", Alvaro wrote on his Instagram profile.

After that, he thanked the doctors and clinical staff for their great work and the fans who sent them words of support in difficult times.

He soon announced the happy news.

Alice has left intensive care and is doing much better.

"Hello everyone! @alicecampello is out of ICU and in the room much better and recovering with Bella. I'm still taking in all that happened.

Thank you Alice for once again teaching me a lesson. You are definitely a fighter and an example for me. It's definitely been the worst days of my life, but I'm lucky to have you in it. You are the best thing that ever happened to me and my life without you would have no meaning.

Thanks to all the people who have been close to us, and once again thanks to all the C.U.N workers for their delicacy and treatment. Thanks to Dr. Muñoz and all the people who work in this hospital. Gotta enjoy every moment.

Thank you all ??? @clinicanavarra." he stated alongside a photo of her holding their baby. Alice and Alvaro have three more children: four-year-old twins Alessandro and Leandro and two-year-old Edoardo.