Former NFL Star Peyton Hillis in Intensive Care after Rescuing Children from Drowning

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Former NFL Star Peyton Hillis in Intensive Care after Rescuing Children from Drowning

Peyton Hillis, the former American football running back who gained national attention during his time with the Cleveland Browns, is in intensive care after heroically rescuing children from drowning. Hillis, who was in Florida at the time of the incident, was airlifted to the hospital and remains unconscious.

Escambia County Fire Rescue came right away to the area after receiving a report of a swimmer in trouble on January 4 at 11:52 am. The swimmer, who had apparently assisted four other swimmers in returning to land, was saved by two lifeguards and one firefighter who dove into the sea.

One of those swimmers was flown to the hospital by helicopter, and the other two needed to be transported there. The children involved in the incident are safe and unharmed, and the entire community is grateful for Hillis' bravery and quick thinking.

Improving condition

According to Hillis' uncle, doctors are closely monitoring his lungs and kidneys and have reported that his condition is improving. “I just want to let everyone know on Razorback Nation that Peyton is doing better,” his uncle, Greg Hillis wrote in a post that Orange shared on Twitter.

“He is still in intensive care and having some problems with his kidneys and lungs, but the doctors say he is improving. I just wanted to head off any rumors that may be started”. Peyton Derek Hillis was born on January 21, 1986.

He was a former running back for American football who played in the National Football League. (NFL). Hillis went to Conway High School in Conway, Arkansas, and was a well-known recruit. Hillis primarily played fullback while attending the University of Arkansas to study.

After being chosen in the seventh round of the 2008 NFL Draft, Hillis rose up the depth chart to take over as the Denver Broncos' starting fullback. Due to injuries to the other running backs, he was appointed the starting running back.

Hillis spent the previous two years in Denver before being traded to the Cleveland Browns in 2010. Hillis was featured on the cover of the video game Madden NFL 12 after winning a national poll in 2011.