Zlatan Ibrahimović and Helena Seger: Parking Lot Meet-Cute to 20-Year Romance

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Zlatan Ibrahimović and Helena Seger: Parking Lot Meet-Cute to 20-Year Romance

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a professional soccer player, and Helena Seger, a businesswoman, have been together for more than 20 years, and their love story is both original and enthralling. Seger explained how their romance began in an interview with Elle magazine: "He had parked his Ferrari badly in a car park in Malmo.

He had done so in a way that prevented my Mercedes from coming out. Quite gruffly, I told him to move it right away. And yes, he saw something that he liked." she said with a smile. The couple has two children, Maximilian and Vincent, and Seger has previously addressed the decision not to get married.

"I think I like Zlatan because I can stand up to him. I have an important background and I built my career with a lot of sacrifices." Helena admitted that there are more stubborn people in the relationship than the obstinate Ibrahimovic: "It's not easy to live with him, but I admit it, it isn't with myself either." She continued, saying: "Getting married could disturb my sense of independence.

I don't want to be labelled simply as the wife of a player, or the winner of a beauty contest. I think people don't know how much I have studied, worked and fought."

New Year's holiday on the beach in Miami

Recently, Zlatan was spotted enjoying his New Year's holiday on the beach in Miami, which came as a surprise to the public given the couple's desire for privacy.

However, the photos of Zlatan and Helena together effectively dispelled rumors that Zlatan had cheated on Helena on multiple occasions, including alleged affairs with Diletta Leotta. Ibrahimovi?, a veteran striker who has represented some of the best clubs in the world, is now unsigned after parting ways with A.C.

Milan of Italy at the end of the previous season. Ibrahimovi? has been supported by Seger, a prominent businesswoman in her own right, throughout his career. She frequently appears at his games to show her support.