Brazil's coach Tite resigns following the World Cup loss to Croatia


Brazil's coach Tite resigns following the World Cup loss to Croatia

Brazil coach Adenor Leonardo Bacchi, better known as Tite, resigned after being eliminated by Croatia in the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Qatar. The 61-year-old Brazilian expert announced that he was leaving his position as a selector after being eliminated by Croatia on penalties, but said that no drama should be made out of it.

"The cycle has ended, and I keep to my word," the 61-year-old said after Friday's match. "There are other great professionals that can replace me. When their (Croatia's) goalkeeper (Dominik Livakovi?) is the best player on the field, the game is talking to you.

We had to be more effective in making goals. But did Brazil show their best? Overall, yes. I understand that I am the most responsible, but we are all responsible for the loss. It’s not about being a hero or a villain. There is no such thing in sports.

"Sometimes we have a great performance, we shoot at goal, and the ball deviates. That’s normal. But I can respect the result. The loss hurts, but I’m at peace with myself right now." "The fifth penalty is the decisive one.

There is more pressure and players who are mentally prepared are best to take it," Tite said of his decision.

Thiago Silva and Casemiro reacted to the defeat

Casemiro said: "All defeats are painful, especially when you have a goal, a dream, you have a four-year job for that moment.

But it's hard to find words. "Hard to find moments. It's lifting your head, life goes on. We are sad, everyone in the group did their best. We get upset, mainly because of the way it was. It was in our hand, it escaped there. Hard moment.

Now it's peace of mind, life that has to go on." Silva said: "It's difficult, but as much as it's sad, life needs to move on, lift your head. I'm very proud of the boys for what we did, but unfortunately it's part of football." Silva added: "I've gone through some disappointments in my life, not only in the national team, but in my personal life as well.

When we lose something important that you have as a goal, it hurts like that, it hurts a lot, but it's trying to lift your head and keep going. "There's no other alternative. I'm a guy that every time I fell I got up, it won't be this time I'm staying here.

Unfortunately, as a player I won't be able to lift this cup. Who knows later with another role." Tite, who spent most of his coaching career in his homeland, led Brazil in 81 games and recorded as many as 61 victories with 13 draws and only 7 defeats.