Roy Keane on Neymar: He's had his hair cut. He's dancing well

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Roy Keane on Neymar: He's had his hair cut. He's dancing well

Graeme Souness, the legendary Liverpool player, commented on Brazil's performance against South Korea, and especially Neymar, from whom he expected more. The match against Croatia will be a real test for the Brazilians. "I want to see more from him," he told ITV Sport.
"He's got incredible ability.

He was heir apparent to the throne of [Lionel] Messi and [Cristiano] Ronaldo but he's not picked the baton up for me.
I'm not sitting saying he isn't an incredibly talented man. There are things about him that are easy on the eye.
I just find it frustrating when things are going well for him, he wants to show how clever he is all the time and make it look very easy for him.
I'm not being a killjoy because some of the football was fabulous, but I'm thinking - and he'd [Roy Keane] be the exact same if he was out there - you would've emptied him tonight.

Some of his antics with his showboating.
But he is great on the eye for some people."

Roy Keane on Brasil

Roy Keane also praised Neymar. He also emphasized that Croatia is quite tired with regard to extra time and penalties, and this could be an advantage for Brazil.

Keane believes that the Croats will have a tough job. "Perfect [return for Neymar]. Obviously he's missed the last couple of games. He's back and scored tonight. He's had his hair cut. He's dancing well. The feel good factor is there.

The game wasn't that physically draining for the players.
You look at Croatia [in the quarter-finals] and they were playing extra-time and penalties, which all helps in the preparation. But again the feel good factor is there.
They're enjoying their football, they're scoring goals.

We saw in the first half how brilliant they are.
Huge goal threat. Croatia would do well to stop them."