Brazil's team doctor on the possibility of Neymar playing against South Korea


Brazil's team doctor on the possibility of Neymar playing against South Korea

Danilo and Neymar are both questionable for the match against South Korea in the Round of 16. There is no doubt that Neymar is the most important player on the team, so if he is unable to play, it will be a big shock for the team.

In the event that Brazil wins against South Korea, there will be a particularly big problem for them, because they will be expected to play an even tougher match. Danilo is also important, but we don't know when he will be ready.

At the moment, it is too early to talk about whether Brazil will be able to win the World Cup, but the team has proven that it is a serious team and a favorite for the title. Rodrigo Lasmar, the team doctor, talked about how these two great soccer players are doing in terms of their physical condition.

“Regarding Neymar and Alex Sandro, we think we have time on our hands and there is a possibility,” said team doctor Rodrigo Lasmar for
“Let’s wait what their transition will be - they have still not started to practice with the ball and it’s something they will do tomorrow.

It will be important to see how they respond to this new style, so depending on that, we will make a call.
“Danilo has been evolving very positively and today he did intense work with the ball and has adapted functionally very positively.

The expectation is tomorrow he will be able to train normally with all players."

Brazil roster: Let's observe what happens

Brazil has a wide roster and we have no doubt that other players will adequately replace those injured, but the match against Cameroon showed that the second team is still second team.

"Let’s observe what happens and if everything is OK, we have very high expectations that he will be available for the next match."