Louis van Gaal on taking over the Belgian bench: You have to convince my wife Truus


Louis van Gaal on taking over the Belgian bench: You have to convince my wife Truus

Louis van Gaal is mentioned as the new coach of Belgium, although he is now the coach of the Netherlands. Van Gaal believes that his wife will still decide about it. “You have to convince my wife Truus,” he said, as quoted by eurosport.com.
“No, that's not it.

I can always make the decisions freely. There are certain countries I won't go to and Truus certainly won't.
I think Belgium is a very beautiful country with friendly people. Knokke is a beautiful beach palace. I've already thought about it.
I already said in a Dutch interview that if we become champions, the world is so opportune that offers will come.
For now, we are not yet.

And if I have to believe the Dutch media, we won't be either." The Dutch team is under fire for 'bad play', but Van Gaal does not want to look back on it. "In 2014 it was exactly the same. Extremely negative,” he said.
“Now it's the same all over again.

I am used to it, the players are used to it, and we quietly move on with our path.
"If I have to believe the Dutch media, we’ll never become world champion."

USA and The Netherland

The USA will be the opponent of the Netherlands in the next round of the competition.

The Dutchman is careful. "The USA is a team with lots of energy. Their players invest a lot of energy in the game. But we will do everything to beat them,” Van Gaal said.
"I think they’ve evolved well. It’s typically American, I would say, that they evolve rapidly and they have many players in European top clubs.
"The USA is a perfect example of a good team.

There are countries who are not a good team, but who have high individual quality. What I've seen is a team with vision, executing the plan very well."