Garry Neville on Harry Maguire: Manchester United is a very unforgiving place

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Garry Neville on Harry Maguire: Manchester United is a very unforgiving place

Gary Neville commented on England's performance. Harry Maguire and Marcus Rashford were especially great, showing their qualities. “Harry is a good player. He’s a good centre-back and has been brilliant at the last two tournaments.

He’s just had an awful time at United over the last 12 months,” Neville told Sky Sports. “United is a very unforgiving place, I know that from being there for 20 years. If you just don’t get it right and if something’s not right, that place can eat you alive, it really can – and Harry is just getting that at this moment in time.

But I think Harry will come through it at United. Look at Marcus [Rashford]”. Garry Neville is happy with Harry Maguire, who is a much better player when he plays for the national team. “I think he feels more loved by England, maybe, I think he feels more at home,” Neville added.

“During my career, I don’t think I can think of one player who played better for their country than their club. Harry Maguire plays better for his country than his club.

Harry Maguire

Despite the criticism, which is huge, Maguire shows that he is a top player.

“I didn’t think Harry would play – and if he did, I thought it would be on the left of a back three. So, for Harry to play the first games like he has, I think is a massive success and gives Harry great [confidence]”.

Harry Maguire is happy with the performances of his teammate, Marcus Rashford. “I am really pleased for Marcus,” Maguire said after the Wales win. “For the last year or so he has been in and out of the England team and set up.

“I think he has really found his form again for Manchester United and he is a massive player for our club. Throughout a long career, you will always have ups and downs and it is all about how you bounce back when you are out of form”.