Romelu Lukaku memes flood the internet after Belgium's shock loss against Croatia


Romelu Lukaku memes flood the internet after Belgium's shock loss against Croatia

Due to numerous misses in the match between Belgium and Croatia, footballer Romelu Lukaku became the object of ridicule on social networks. The Croatian football team knocked out Belgium in the big derby and qualified for the round of 16 of the World Cup.

The match between Belgium and Croatia ended 0:0 and was marked by numerous mistakes by Romelu Lukaku. While Croats celebrate him as a "hero", he was the greatest tragedian for his country. Although the result of the match Morocco - Canada was the main game of the day, the Croats and the Belgians basically knew that their clash was crucial in the fight for the round of 16 and that one of these two national teams would not go to the round of 16.

The most exciting detail of the first half was the penalty awarded to Croatia in the 17th minute, but even then the decision was overturned after the VAR signaling. Semi-automatic offside signaled that Dejan Lovren was minimally offside before the penalty.

Many on social media found his failures quite inspiring

In a series of posts, they equated Lukaku with characters who unsuccessfully try to "drive" the ball into the goal, and one of the memes shows him in a Croatia jersey.

There is also a video of an unsuccessful shot at the basket, which they described as: "Lukaku trying to score". "Belgium trying to force Lukaku to score," captioned the video of Wayne Rooney and his wife unsuccessfully passing the ball to their son to put it into the goal.

One Twitter user joked that Tupac would still be alive today if Lukaku had been in the place of his killer.

One meme also used a recording of a scene from the movie "Black Panther" where to the message "Belgium must be placed in the top 16 national teams in the world", Lukaku replies: "We don't do that here".

One of the main heroes of neighboring Croatia was the young footballer Joško Guardiol, and it seems that a clever fan has changed what is written on his Wikipedia page.

Among other things, the website in English stated that he was "crowned King of Belgium in 2022", which was soon changed, but the screenshots spread on social media.