Declan Rice before 1/8 final: Why should we not be feared?

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Declan Rice before 1/8 final: Why should we not be feared?

England will have a tough challenge in the next phase of the World Cup, considering that they are playing against Senegal. Although they don't have Sadio Mane in the team, Senegal showed that they are a serious team and that they can be dangerous.

Declan Rice, the defensive midfielder of England, is optimistic before the next match and believes that his team is of good quality. "Other nations will always look at us and the quality that we have in the squad, why should we not be feared?
We have world class talents across the board.

We are one of the biggest teams here, we have to do it on the pitch.
Brazil have won a World Cup and done it consistently. We are not here for the round of 16, we want to go all the way."- Rice said, as quoted by

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As an example of how serious all the teams are, he gave the defeat of France against Tunisia.

There have been several surprises at the World Cup so far, but the biggest one is certainly the victory of Saudi Arabia over Argentina. This is exactly why Rice calls for caution. "I didn’t see the France game last night.

I saw the result [a 1-0 loss to Tunisia] and there have been a lot of shocks in this tournament. You can’t take anything for granted. That’s where we deserve credit, any of the three games could have been banana skin games.
"When you start to play better teams, your level goes up.

We will be ready for those type of games." England lost the Euro final two years ago on penalties. They don't want the same thing to happen this time. "We know now we can get penalties and we will be prepared for that. If it does come to it, I back us all the way."