David Beckham's £20,000-per-night suite in a five-star hotel in Qatar


David Beckham's £20,000-per-night suite in a five-star hotel in Qatar

The former England footballer David Beckham spent almost a week at one of Doha's most prestigious hotels, which costs more than two thousand dollars a night. During the World Cup in Qatar, David Beckham, a former footballer, was one of the ambassadors of the game and stayed in the most luxurious hotel in the city.

The Daily Mail reported that the player rented a Baraha View suite at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, the highest floor of the hotel, which is located the highest point. The suite costs $20,000 every night, according to the Daily Mail.

The apartment has its own dining room, a private doorman, an open courtyard, a private swimming pool and a gym, and the footballer spent almost a week there and checked out over the weekend as it became known in the media that he was staying there.

"The staff have loved having him here and referred to him as 'Sir David' because he was so respectful and respected back by everyone," a source told the Daily Mail. "He wasn't seen much at all by the other guests because he had a lovely suite which is like a hotel within a hotel, meaning he didn't need to mix with them.

He's been very polite and charming to the staff and seems like a very decent man. Sir David is one of the most famous men in world football and it's been an honour having him here. It's a pity he's no longer here but I'm sure he'll be back.

Who wouldn't love staying here?"

Beckham has a long-standing relationship with the Qataris

He said in a speech: "Almost two decades ago, a small group of football lovers from Qatar had an equally fantastic dream: that they could bring the greatest football show on earth to their home country and to the Middle East for the very first time.

And now we are here." During his stay in the luxury hotel, David also had a personal chef, and it is known that he prepared Japanese Kobe steak and various pasta dishes for him. In order to avoid the paparazzi, Beckham had a private lobby and exit from the hotel and moved around the city in a limousine. Beckham traveled to Qatar alone, and his wife Victoria stayed in Great Britain with their children.

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