Pique received a red card in the final game of his career


Pique received a red card in the final game of his career
Pique received a red card in the final game of his career

In the last match of his career, Gerard Pique received a red card at half-time after abusing referee Jesus Gil Manzano. Last night, Barcelona visited Osasuna in Pamplona, ??and at halftime, they had a 1:0 deficit and one less player because Robert Lewandowski received a second yellow card in the 31st minute.

Pique did not start the match in the starting line-up, and at halftime, he calmly approached referee Manzano and told him everything he could not do in the past years due to fear of suspension. The legendary Barcelona player complained to Manzano that he has been deliberately damaging Barcelona for years, and specifically in last night's game he complained about Lewandowski's red card and Osasuna's goal because he believed that Marcos Alonso was fouled a few seconds before the goal.

Pique did not express his criticism in a civilized manner.

"You are the referee who has most screwed Barcelona by some distance.

You are a f**king disgrace.", Manzano's report states that Pique told him them. Pique already had a conflict with Manzano before, in April 2021, when he approached him at the end of the game and asked him why the referee's compensation was played short, and in return, he received a red card.

Also, after the match between Barcelona and Girona on 23 September 2018, Lionel Messi refused to shake Manzano's hand because he felt he had damaged his club. Barcelona fans on social networks support Pique because they also think that Manzano supports Real Madrid and hates Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.

Proof of this, as they claim, can be seen with the eyes of statistics. Manzano has been refereeing La Liga for ten years, he gave Barcelona 9 red cards in 33 games he refereed, and Atlético 8 in 31 matches. On the other hand, he gave Real only one red card in 29 games.

Last night, Pique was left without the opportunity to record the last minutes in the Barcelona jersey, and he remained at 616 appearances in which he won eight La Liga titles and three Champions League titles. On the international stage, he won the World Cup in 2010 and Euro 2012 with Spain, whose jersey he wore 102 times.

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