Gerard Pique retires: Joan Laporta on the reasons

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Gerard Pique retires: Joan Laporta on the reasons
Gerard Pique retires: Joan Laporta on the reasons

Gerard Pique surprised the football public with his decision to retire. It seems that he made the decision to help his club, as Joan Laporta expressed his gratitude to the Spanish defender. “Pique understands our [financial] fair play situation, the wage bill requires an adjustment, he knows that and he is very willing to help the club," Laporta said for Barcelona official channel.

“The exit agreement is being finalised, but there is a great attitude of the player to help”.

Gerard Pique and his story

Pique had a chance to stay at the club, but it seems that he chose the best for himself and for the club.

“The retirement of Pique is something we spoke about three months ago and we discussed this idea together to value the possibility," said Laporta.
“But what happened, is that we decided to leave the final decision up to Gerard Pique.

He's always been a reference in the world of Barca, and incomparable in all that he's done.
“I first saw Gerard 25 years ago since he was first connected with Barca. He's made a very emotional video, and as president, I felt moved because I saw the culer feeling that Gerard has and he passes onto his children; it's really beautiful and think it's an indisputable love for Barca." Gerard Pique spent many years in Barcelona, made a big name, and showed how much he meant to the team.

With Barcelona, he won everything that could be won, and the generation in which Pique played was one of the best generations in football. “Gerard, aside from the success he's had, because he's achieved everything as a player, forms part of the Barca crest.

He's one of those players who will always be a reference for all the culers.
“We can all show that Barca loves him and Gerard shows his gratitude”.

Gerard Pique

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