Cristiano Ronaldo lost three million Instagram followers


Cristiano Ronaldo lost three million Instagram followers

After technical problems appeared on the Instagram social network, the other more followed profile owned by the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo lost almost three million followers, writes The Verge magazine. Although the reason for the technical problem that arose is still unknown, many Instagram users report that their accounts have been blocked and that they cannot access this social network.

Instagram's users are reporting problems en masse

"We're aware that some of you are having issues accessing your Instagram account. We're looking into it and apologize for the inconvenience.,'" Instagram's Twitter account said.

By 3 p.m., more than 6,600 comments had been reported.

A message from Instagram said:

"We suspended your account on October 31, 2022. There are 30 days remaining to disagree with this decision. Your account doesn't follow our Community Guidelines." One user wrote: "Ok soooo my account got banned for no reason, couldn't appeal it and now my account is gone.

& I'm not the only one." Another added: "My IG acct got suspended just NOW! So many tweets that their acct got suspended too! HELP US INSTAGRAM!" And one joked: "Everyone checking in on Twitter when WhatsApp or Instagram or Facebook is down." , "Did anyone else's Instagram just get suspended for no reason? And now Instagram won't even bother to let you appeal it just gives you an error?" are just some of the comments published in the last few minutes on the DownDetector page - where problems are reported.

On the other hand, those who are a little more dedicated to Instagram reported the loss of followers and cited it as a big problem, because they use this social network to make money. All this, interestingly, happens at the time of Halloween, so many users of this social network cannot share photos of their costumes.

Ronaldo lost as many as three million followers on the mentioned social network in just 24 hours, while the most popular profile, the one owned by Instagram, also lost more than one million followers.

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