Marcus Rashford on the struggle with mental things

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Marcus Rashford on the struggle with mental things
Marcus Rashford on the struggle with mental things

Marcus Rashford scored the only goal against West Ham. He was overjoyed but also talked about his struggles with himself. "It's a complete different energy around the club and the training ground," Rashford said for Sky Sports.
"That puts me in a better headspace and I just feel really motivated now.

That's the area I was struggling in.
I was struggling at times with more mental things. It wasn't really my own performance but other things off the pitch. That's the biggest difference from last season." The atmosphere looked very bad last season.

"I get that it's your job to speak about what happens on the pitch but for the players we have to get into the right headspace for every game.
Too often last season, I wasn't in the right headspace for games. I wasn't surprised by some of the stuff that was happening." This will only be an additional motive for him.

“It’s obviously a fantastic moment for me, something I've been looking forward to doing, so I'm really happy.
“But I'm just looking to keep pushing on now, keep progressing”.

Erik ten Hag speaks about the team's performance

United coach Erik ten Hag is satisfied with his players.

They showed unity, fight, and in the end, they managed to win. "I think we make a great goal," said United manager Erik ten Hag.
"It was magnificent, the pass from Christian Eriksen and then the header was really a hammer from Marcus Rashford.
"It's so great as it's a player out of the academy scoring his 100th goal and the 85th anniversary today.
"He's really representing the work of Manchester United, and it values the good work that the academy is doing.

And Marcus Rashford, tomorrow is his 25th birthday as well. A great present I would say!" Manchester United fans can be optimistic.

Marcus Rashford

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