Fans were surprised by Wayne Rooney's new look


Fans were surprised by Wayne Rooney's new look

One of the best English footballers of all time, Wayne Rooney, surprised many fans with a new look. After crossing paths with former boxing world champion Amir Khan in Dubai, Wayne Rooney posed for a picture, with fans stunned by his new look following a long time in the United States Rooney (37) is currently the coach of DC United, which is his second club in his coaching career after Derby County.

Although he was actively playing football until last year, Rooney has changed quite a bit lately. During his coaching career at DC United, Rooney wears a cap on his head, and now photos from a gathering in Dubai where Rooney showed how he looks today have been published on social networks.

The famous English striker showed gray hair and considerable excess weight for his age. Also, a gray beard is evident on the face. Rooney was hanging out with the famous British boxer Amir Khan in Dubai, but the photo attracted the most attention because of his appearance.

Although his peers and even older colleagues like Zlatan Ibrahimovic are still actively playing football and are in excellent physical shape, Rooney looks like he ended his career a long time ago. The fact that Rooney is younger than his great friend and former colleague, Cristiano Ronaldo, seems somewhat unbelievable.

Fans were shocked to see how Rooney now looks

One commented: "Has Rooney aged or has he aged." Another replied: "This is Rooney grandad not Rooney." One jokingly wrote: "Rooney is somehow only a year older than Amir." "Wayne Rooney has aged sooooo much.

Someone show him CR7," posted one. Another added: "Rooney looking WAM." A further comment echoed: "Rooney been loving the American eating lifestyle." One upset fan wrote: "Wow it took Rooney all of 5 minutes to dramatically age after retiring from playing pro footy." But one person was impressed by Rooney's new look, arguing: "Look at the beard on Rooney. That thing is godly."