Florentino Perez on Karim Benzema: He deserved it a long time ago


Florentino Perez on Karim Benzema: He deserved it a long time ago
Florentino Perez on Karim Benzema: He deserved it a long time ago

Karim Benzema was crowned world's best player for last season last night, which was confirmed by FIFA. Among the greatest of this century, he deservedly received the most prestigious individual recognition. After a season marked by crazy numbers, the award came as no surprise at the Santiago Bernabeu, where everyone quickly forgot about Cristiano Ronaldo.

There is a new idol among Real Madrid fans. Karim Benzema has emerged from the shadows of his teammates, established himself as a leader in the fourth decade and won four trophies this season for the Royal Club. After the awarding ceremony of the French goalscorer, Florentino Perez compared him to Ronaldo Nazario da Lima and Zinedine Zidane, saying "There is nobody who can challenge him for the Ballon d'Or.".

"Finally! Benzema was recognized as the best player in the world. He deserved it a long time ago, because he was the best for the last three or four years. He is a nine, a mixture of Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane, doing two jobs at the same time.

He is a leader like Zidane, and he shoots on goal like Ronaldo did," said Florentino Perez for Kadena SER after Karim Benzema was awarded the Ballon d'Or and commented on a joint picture with the winners: "There was Figo, there was Zidane, there was Ronaldo and now there is Benzema.

And we all took a picture together. Four people, that has sentimental value for me. Four Golden Balls".


Kylian Mbappe was a topic. The Frenchman was not caught by Real Madrid this summer. Paris Saint-Germain bought him for huge money, and Florentino Perez claims to no longer be interested in him.

Florentino talked about Mbappe; "It's not that the subject of Mbappe is boring to me, but I don't read it either. She doesn't make sense now. Players are making spectacular progress now. Rodrigo and Vinicius are two great players," Florentino Perez said about the Brazilian attack duo's future prospects: "Of course, I see both of them as Golden Ball winners.

But we have to see how it will develop. Real Madrid only looks at the players they have and the situation is not bad. Kamavinga, Valverde, Militao, Chuameni... These are young guys with a promising future".