8 Shocking Facts About Marjorie Bridges-Woods, Steve Harvey’s Wife

You must heard the name of the Holloywood celebrities, Steve Harvey. If you hadn’t then let me help you to remember the person who unintentionally declared the wrong winner in 2015’s Miss Universe exhibition.

He is a famous author, actor, stand-up comedian and television host in the USA. Steve ismarried to  a fashion icon and internet personality, Marjorie Bridges Harvey.

She has got the limelight mainly for being the third wife of Steve Harvey. Besides this, she has her fame for being a fashion expert and a creator of a famous fashion and lifestyle blog plus online shop “The Lady Loves Couture.”

We have already talked about Marjorie Harvey’s bio, family, children and net worth in the previous article. So, in this article, we have eight shocking facts about Marjorie Bridges that you would love to read.

Marjorie Bridges Woods, third wife of Steve Harvey
Marjorie Bridges Woods, third wife of Steve Harvey

Marjorie Bridges is former wife of Drug Lords

Marjorie Bridges-Woods tied the knot with Steve Harvey back in the year 2007. However, before she became the wife of Steve Harvey, she has also been the wife of other infamous people.

Steve and Marjorie
Steve and Marjorie

According to Ask Kissy, she was twice married to two infamous Memphis drug dealers.

The name of her first husband is Jimmy Townsend. She had divorced her Jimmy Townsend after he was sentenced to life in prison.

After that, she had married one of the infamous Woods brothers, Darnell Woods who was accused on drug charges.

Also, there is news of family drama that started when Marjorie married to Donnell Woods, the cousin of her second husband, Darnell Woods.

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She has three children from previous marriages

Bridges have three children from her previous marriages. Their names are Morgan, Jason, and Karli. Also, she is even a grandmother of grandchildren from Morgan, Jason, and Karli.

She has four grandchildren, two from Jason’s marriage, one from Morgan’s marriage, and the last one from Karli’s marriage.

Similarly, Marjorie and Steve have seven children altogether from their marriages. Marjorie Bridges often posts pictures of her family on her Instagram, and one of her Instagram pictures is given below that looks very adorable.

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Steve was told to date Marjorie by his bodyguard

Steve once said to People that he was suggested by his bodyguard to date Marjorie Bridges-Woods. As per People, Steve was homeless and lived out of his car for three years after his first divorce with Marcia Harvey.

Then, he remarried in 1996 to Mary Shackelford because he was tired of being alone.

Unfortunately, they were separated in 2005. Steve had broken totally by his second divorce, and he used to be depressed. Finally, Steve’s bodyguard told him that he should date Marjorie. He said to People in an interview that:

“He (the bodyguard) told me, look, the only time I have ever seen you cheerful was when you were with that woman Marjorie. Now, before you go and do something senseless and marry another woman, I’m calling her.”

She is very passionate about fashion

The blonde beauty is very passionate about fashion, etiquette and even food. Her fashion and lifestyle blog takes visitors on her fashion adventure and gives readers a sight of her luxurious lifestyle.

The bio section of Marjorie Bridges’ blog claims that:

“The site records her exciting fashion expeditions as well as provides exclusive tips for living lavishly on any budget.”

In the fashion category of her blog, she has an “Under $100” section, which allows readers the know about top trending things and where to shop for those beautiful things within budget.

Marjorie Bridges Woods luxury life
Marjorie Bridges Woods luxury life

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Marjorie Bridges also a self-made woman

If you believe that Marjorie made her net worth through her husband, then you are wrong. Her net worth is built from her fashion services, a blog plus online shop, and a business project called MH Handbags.

The MH (Marjorie Harvey) handbags are very famous, affordable and known as “Bougie Boho in Yellow” and “Bougie Boho in White.”

People love those celebrity style Handbags as they cost under $100. She has made a lot of money by selling those bags.

She stopped her Steve from attending Trump’s inauguration

Steve Harvey has been invited to attend Trump’s inauguration. However, he missed the inauguration ceremony of the most controversial president in the history of USA because of his wife, Marjorie.

She had to cancel the plane to join inauguration ceremony to celebrate Steve’s 60th birthday. Later, Steve Harvey clarified by saying this:

“I’ll be turning 60 on Tuesday, and my wife is taking me far away, So, I won’t be at anybody’s inauguration because my wife said no.”

She had no-drama affair with Steve Harvey

The relationship between Marjorie and Steve was mostly casual at the time when Marjorie first met Steve, and they got married.

Although people often amplify things like this, both Harvey and Marjorie have remarkably handled the situation and made their relationship more honest as well as strong. Also, they were dating each other for a long time without getting too much attention of media.

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She doesn’t take a lot of selfies and post them on social media

Marjorie is not your typical duck-faced social media celebrity. We look at her Instagram photos and find out that she has posted very fewer selfies.

Her pictures on Instagram range from confidently posturing in her dazzling outfits or just walking around in the streets of New York, Millan and Paris, with gorgeous dress up and a full face of makeup.

Similarly, she loves to take photos of the wonderful moment of her life and family and share those photos with her fans and followers.

You may follow her on Instagram where she has flauted her fashion style.

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