Matthew Fox’s Wife Margherita Ronchi’s Bio: Age, Birthday, Marriage and Controversies

Margherita Ronchi is the wife of Matthew Fox, the famous actor from a popular TV series of all time called “Lost”. Margherita is a former Italian model, who proved to be vibrant to the success of her husband and has been much more than the gumshoe of the famous actor. There is very little information available on the web about her but somehow we are able to collect the following info.

Matthew Fox wife Margherita Ronchi
Matthew Fox’s wife Margherita Ronchi

Short Bio of Margherita Ronchi

Margherita Ronchi was born in Italy and studied at Columbia University. There isn’t any confirmed birthday record of Ronchi, but according to her closers, she is almost 50 years by now. She is one of the most attractive wives among Hollywood stars with an average height but with a perfect body shape.

She is in America for a long time. However, she still considers herself an Italian. She is not active in social media; it is hard to maintain any information about her from there. Similarly, there isn’t much known about her family and her childhood too.

Margherita Ronchi’s Marriage and controversies

Margherita Ronchi met her Husband, Matthew Fox for the first time in mid-1987 in New York City. At that time, Margherita could not even speak English correctly, but somehow the bond was formed between them. Consequently, the couple got married in August 1992 at that moment Matthew’s career was in the hype.

Matthew and Margherita before marriage
Matthew and Margherita before marriage

Margherita Ronchi played the role of Matthew’s support system after they got married. She also helped him bag some promising role one after another  including his prominent role in TV drama series ‘Lost.’ Eventually, ‘Lost’ became one of the most popular TV drama series which took  Matthew to more heights and made him the most desired TV star at that moment. Margherita Ronchi is the delighted mother of two children. Her daughter, Kyle, and son, Byron.

Matthew with daughter Kyle and son Byron
Margherita’s husband Matthew with daughter Kyle and son Byron

It is quite normal to have a misunderstanding and dissatisfaction in the family. And Margherita and Matthew also had to go through such experiences. At one point their differences started showing up in their relationship and the rumor about Matthew cheating his wife over some strippers made a big highlight. Later, the news was found false and also denied it.

“The story is not true, and I am not going to comment anymore on it. We have been best friends and best lovers. She is the love of my life. ”

Furthermore, he said:

“We have succeeded to both be strongly independent and maintain that strength in our relationship too. We have been together for 23 years, so let’s leave it at that.”

There is also a rumor about Margherita Ronchi and Matthew Fox divorce posted on MediaMass, an online news portal.

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  1. i met matt in milan in 1990 on the way to a modeling shoot before he got famous. he told me he was enrolled at columbia and did a footlocker commercial. he was very quiet and down to earth. he was with Fashion model agency. nice guy.

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