Marcia Harvey | What is First wife of Steve Harvey doing nowadays?

Marcia Harvey is the ex-wife of the Steve Harvey a famous American television show host, influential-anchor, producer, talented actor and overall one of the recognized television personality in the history of America.

She was born in 1955 in the United States of America. Marcia was brought up in her African-American family and didn’t have an impressive childhood. She used to work at the Saks Fifth Avenue, a department store company in North America.

However, people know less about his first wife, Marcia Harvey. The pair were married a long time ago, almost 28 years back. Their early married life was happy but soon got bitter and ended up with a divorce in 1994.

Marcia Harvey is first wife of Steve Harvey
Marcia Harvey is the first wife of Steve Harvey

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Marriage Life and Children

Marcia and Steve set the relationship of marriage after their love affair. They first met at a friendly reception party of one of their mutual friend where they got so attracted to each other that they couldn’t take their eyes off of each other.

 The love relationship was blessed into marriage as the pair tied the knot in 1980. It is heard that the couple hasn’t been to date for a single time before tieing the knot.

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Their marriage ceremony was celebrated with the company of their parents and close friends, out of media’s reach.

They lived a happy life and were blessed with twins, daughters Karli Harvey and Brandi Harvey after two years of marriage. Later, in 1991 Marcia gave birth to son Broderick Harvey Jr.

Children of Steve Harvey and Marcia Harvey
Children of Steve Harvey and Marcia Harvey

 Cause of Divorce

Their peaceful married life got tremored when they got divorced. The actual reason for their divorce is not known, although, there are some rumors that Steve was cheating on Marcia over his second wife, Mary Shackelford.

If it’s true then, this might have been unacceptable to Marcia resulting into the end of their relationship. Their marriage was quite surprising and unexpected.

It is believed that Steve Harvey and Mary Shackelford met for the first time in 1996 while he was working on a comedy show in Arlington, Texas, America. At the same time, they fell in love at first sight and dated for less than a year then they got married later in the same year.

After the divorce, Marcia Harvey has started engaging in her business ventures, clothing, and designing company.

She currently lives in New York City with her children and pets. Even after the divorce, Marcia maintains a healthy relationship with Steve as a good friend.

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Marcia Harvey: What is she doing Nowadays?

Marcia lives in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, America. After her divorce from Steve Harvey, she married Larry Greene. There is no more information found about Larry Greene. Marcia keeps herself away from the media and spotlight.

She has continued her relationship with her husband Larry Greene silently & secretly. After her divorce from Steve Harvey, she has not mentioned about him anywhere.

Business & Net-worth of Marcia Harvey in 2018

Marcia Harvey is a businesswoman. She runs a clothing business and has done many poetry works.

She is an author of a book named ‘Marcia Eyes to The Soul.’ Her book is mostly a compilation of poem that revolves around her life and people around her.

She is active on social media networks and can be found sharing post quite frequently on Instagram. She has a huge fan following on twitter as well on Facebook.

Marcia Harvey being a former wife of a famous television star hasn’t accumulated a large sum of money from her poetic writing works and her small business.

Her net worth has not been disclosed.

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