2 thoughts on “Jaclyn Hill Net Worth 2019, Youtube Earning Car, House & Life

  1. Updating needed:
    Now divorced
    Jaclyn has been called out for shilling Morphe day and night, does a sun-glass collaboration with Quay Australia only for people to find out these companies are related, so she is still shilling garbage Chinese-made products (they truly are lower quality products and over-priced).
    Jaclyn had an affair with his friend, Jon relapsed with this news and she kicked him out of the house while he was in rehab, she all but moved Jordan in at that time. Jordan also had a girlfriend so it was a double-cheating scenario but that young lady has preferred to remain private on her thoughts although someone leaked a Facebook conversation they had with her concerning the cheating going on.
    Jordan’s ‘rapper’ music is horrific.
    Jon’s moved on and just released the first song of his album and it is fantastic and receiving some extremely good reviews. The music video is heartbreaking but tells the tale well. The vocalist list on the discography is pretty fantastic.

  2. I love her makeup technique and don’t give a damn about her personal life. We all have a story to tell. Wish I had $ like her.

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