Terri Carrington: Rodney Carrington Wife, Age, Children, Twitter and Divorce

June 26, 2018
Terri Carrington Smiling

The ex-wife of singer and comedian Rodney Carrington, Terri Carrington is a speech-language pathologist and social activist. Upcoming chef and Wine Connoisseur, Terri is single after divorce. Let’s know about Terri Carrington’s marriage, children, age and relationship with ex-husband Rodney Carrington.

Terri Carrington, Ex-Wife of Rodney Carrington

Terri Carrington is the ex-wife of famous American Singer and Stand up Comedian Rodney Carrington. Terri acclaimed fame and recognition as her former husband became a star through his music and comedy shows. By Profession, Terri Carrington is a speech-language pathologist. He doesn’t shine through her work as her husband but she is very active in twitter and continually posts photos of her sons.

College Love and Marriage and Divorce with Rodney Carrington

Terri Carrington and Rodney were college mates and started dating. After several years in a relationship, the couple married in 1993. The college lovers share three beautiful children, all three sons. Terri and Rodney were married for 18 years and decided to part individual ways in 2010 and officially divorced in 2012.

Though the Carrington couple separated from their long-term marriage, the estranged pair shares three adorable sons, Sam Carrington, George Carrington, and Zac Carrington.

Terri With Her Son

Net Worth of Terri Carrington

Terri Carrington is not a famous personality like her husband, Rodney. She hasn’t earned much spotlight and doesn’t like attention much either. She lives with her three sons. Her net worth is very difficult to estimate as information about her income, expenses, assets and liabilities. However, sources claim that Terri’s net worth is around $1 million.

However, Terri’s ex-husband Rodney is a wealthy man. He has earned massive income from his comedy shows. Rodney’s net worth is around $8 million and he is gaining new fans day by day. His hysterical comic style has gained massive popularity as well as some critics too.

Terri Carrington Twitter and Instagram

Terri is an active user of Twitter and Instagram. She also uses Instagram but her Instagram is listed as a private account, and persons not accepted by Terri can’t access her posts and activities on Instagram.

Terri uses twitter account as “Terri Shae. @TerriCarrington”.

Terri’s Instagram Account is under @mom2kyzachsamgeorge.

Who is Rodney Carrington, husband of Terri Carrington?

Rodney Carrington is an American Comedian and singer from Texas, United States. Her husband, Rodney Carrington is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and country music artist. Rodney and Terri married in 1994 till 2012.

Rodney in one of his comedy show

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It Was Terri Carrington’s Decision To Separate From Rodney

Extramarital affairs and dishonesty weren’t the cause of divorce. We believe busy work schedule and personal differences played a part for the separation of these college lovers. The couple has not shed light on the actual reason of divorce.

In 2013, Rodney commented about his divorce in a telephone interview with the Free Press. He stated that,

“I was married for 18 years, and that ends tomorrow- thank God? It’s an official date. it’s gonna be kind of relief.”

Rodney also revealed that he tried his best to save his marriage but was unsuccessful. In a show, Rodney Revealed that Terri said she wanted to leave, out of the blue and didn’t want to stay together with Rodney. The couple then separated in 2010. The couple, however, has equal custody of their kids.

The interview suggests that Terri Carrington made up her mind to leave Rodney and live as a single mother. Maybe the fame of her husband and frequent traveling made her uncomfortable and wanted a simple life. All we can do now is guess the reason for their divorce.

Terri Carrington with her Sons

Real Name of Terri Carrington

Terri Carrington is the name after Terri’s marriage with Rodney Carrington, but what is her birth name? Many websites write her real name in Terry Shae after her twitter account name. But in reality, Terri’s real name is Terri Shae Lockhart, born and raised in Massachusetts, Unites States.

Career, Age, and Birthday of Terri Carrington

Terri Carrington, born on November 18, 1970, in Massachusetts, USA is a speech-language pathologist by professional career. She is better known as the ex-wife of singer and comedian Rodney Carrington. Terri Carrington is also interested in writing, dancing, and music.

Calculating from Terri’s birth date, she is currently 47 years of age, and her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

The parents and childhood information of Terry is well unknown and doesn’t look like Terry is going to spill the knowledge beans.

Terri attended the University of Central Oklahoma. She would later make progress as a speech-language pathologist. Aside from that, she’s tried her hand at writing, singing, and dancing, though hasn’t found much success in those areas.

Terri Carrington regularly posts different posts in twitter about singing and dancing, hinting she is trying to pursue a side career in her interests. She hasn’t found much success in these areas. Her newfound interest is in food. He is an amateur chef and considers herself a Wine Connoisseur

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