Tytyana Miller:Ran Away From Her Mother? Her Age, Siblings, Photos and Wiki Bio

August 27, 2018
Tytyana Miller

Tytyana Miller, “TaTa” is the daughter of American rapper Percy Robert Miller popularly known as Master P. Her father is also a famous entrepreneur and former basketball player.  Similarly, she is also known as a beautiful young girl enjoying a lavish life and spotlight in Hollywood. The reason behind her luxurious life is undoubtedly the net worth of Master P.

However, she had not come to fame by her choice. She had come into the spotlight because of being a daughter of celebrity Master P. Moreover, she had got media attention when she ran away from her mother, Sonya Miller, during separation of her parents. Likewise, she also has a drug problem that attracts media attention from time to time on her.

Tytyana Miller
Tytyana Miller with her father Master P

Here, we are talking about the TaTa’s drug problem, her parents’ divorce, why she ran away from her mother and everything we know about her.

Drug Problem of Tytyana Miller

Tytyana Miller is known to have a severe drug problem. In an episode of Growing Up Hip Hop, Tytyana sits with her dad and discusses her drug problem. Before the divorce of her parents, she used to live with her mother Sonya Miller, who is also known as a drug abuser. Therefore, it is possible that her mother had taught her to abuse the drug.

Being a strict father, Master P once advice TaTa to solve her drug issues and continue living a happy life by saying this:

“In this house, you’re gonna have to do what’s right for you and us. Do you understand me?”

Later, on the same episode of Growing Up Hip Hop, Cymphonique speaks with her sister Tatyana. After that, she approaches Romeo, their brother, and explains that she is ready to clean up her life by dealing with her nasty drug habit.

Why she ran away from her mother

Tytyana previously lived with her mother at the start of separation. However, later she has realized how intensely is her mother in trouble. Therefore, she had escaped from her mother’s home and came back to her father to pursue a bright future and get the solution to her drug abuse.

In this way, Sonya Miller seems the real reason behind Tytyana’s escape from her house. The drug habit and love for money of Sonya influence Tata to return to Master P. Also, it is possible that she wants to live a better life like her other sibling and rejoin the family of Master p.

The Most Debated Celebrity Divorce Case, Master P, and Sonya Miller

The parent of Tytyana Miller shockingly got a divorce in 2014 after twenty-four years of married life. Sonya stated the reason for the separation is irreconcilable differences between the couple. In another hand, Master P accused her of being slightly interested in his money than live with him and children. You also see the view of the Miller family about the divorce and relation with mother in this video.

During the divorce case, several accusations are thrown at each other by Master P, Sonya, and even their children. Sonya also sued her son Romeo Miller too. She accused Romeo of helping Master P to hide earning details from her.

Moreover, Sonya doesn’t stop there and accused Master P of kidnapping her four children away and manipulate them to stay with him. It seems that she wants to increase the divorce settlement as much as possible at that time by all these accusations. At the end of the drama, Sonya had won the case in 2014, and the hip-hop mogul had paid $825,000 as a divorce settlement.

Who are the Miller Children supporting in their parent’s divorce?

Tytyana Miller is part of a big family. She is among the eight children of Master P. All the children currently live with their father and continually support him in during the divorce. They have also discussed the divorce feud throughout the reality show, Growing Up Hip-Hop.

To support her father against the settlement option given by Judge Wendy Williams, the eldest daughter Tytyana stated that:

“This is the sad truth. My mother needs rehab, not money. Wendy Williams does not know what goes on in our house, but I know because I live there with her.”

Similarly, after hearing that his mother sued him, Romeo Miller also stated that his mother needs professional help on leaving drugs before it’s too late. Moreover, he explained that his mother’s love for money is the reason for all this trouble.

Furthermore, Romeo even said that he would sacrifice all the wealth to be with his normal mother whom he lived with in his early days. You can see his emotional message on the Instagram post below.


It is clear that the Miller siblings prefer to support their loving father than troublesome, gold-digger and drug addict mother.

Net Worth of Tytyana Miller

Tytyana belongs to a wealthy family. Her father Master P is an ambitious man and has invested in around forty-five companies and thirty-one expensive properties. He has a net worth of about $250 million and also featured in Forbes 20 most earning musicians of 2017.

Tytyana has lived a luxurious life, thanks to her father’s net worth and earnings. She has just started her career in acting. As of now, Tytyana doesn’t have significant wealth like her father but will likely do in the near future.

Tytyana’s elder siblings Romeo and Cymphonique, both are successful in the music industry. Romeo is a rapper and singer and has a net worth of $75 million. Cymphonique is an actress, singer, and songwriter with a net worth of around $2 million.

Tytyana Start of Acting Career

It seems the princess of Master P looks to start a new chapter of her life. She had taken some acting classes and had begun to act in plays and movies. Tatyana Miller’s major acting role was in the film “A Mother’s Choice” of 2010. She also played numerous small roles in movies after that, but they could not make her famous yet. However, she has started her career in acting, and one day she may become famous as her siblings.

Tytyana Wiki Bio, Age, and Siblings

Tytyana Miller was born on 15th June of 1992, in The United States of America. She was born as an elder daughter to Master P and Sonya Miller. Tytyana is of Afro-American ethnicity and continually posts photos in her social media profiles. Her current age is 26 years and lives with her father Master P.


As we already mentioned, Tytyana has eight other siblings in the Miller family. She has five brothers, Lil Romero, Young V, Hercy, Mercy and Veno Miller. Similarly, she has three sisters, Cymphonique, Inty and Italy Miller.



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