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March 12, 2019
Snowbird Brown

Snowbird Brown is also known as Birdy Snow who is the six children of Bill Brown and Ami Brown. She grabbed the attention of many people after appearing on the Discovery’s series ‘Alaskan Bush People’ that shows the unconventional lifestyle of Alaska.

Brown becomes famous because of her crooked teeth and many of her fans are so curious to know about her boyfriend or who is she dating?

If you want to know more regarding Snowbird’s personal life and net worth. So stay tuned with us.

Snowbird Brown
Snowbird Brown

Quick Facts

Born Name Amora Jean Snowbird Brown
Birth Place Alaska
Birth Date November 18, 1994
Parents Bill Brown and Ami Brown
Reality Star
Net Worth $100,000
Age  ‎24
Siblings Six
Marital Status Unmarried
Nickname Birdy Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Nationality American
Social Media Instagram, Spotify, and Facebook

Who is Snowbird Brown? Know Her Age, Family, and Siblings

Snowbird Brown was born on November 18, 1994, to Bill Brown and Ami Brown. She is one of the cast members of the famous TV reality show Alaskan Bush People which aired on the Discovery Channel. She is one of the six children of her parents. Right now, her age is 24.

Snowbird’s birth name is Amora Jean Snowbird Brown.

She has five brothers; Matt Brown, Noah Brown, Bam Bam Brown, Gab Brown, Bear Brown and a younger sister named Rainy Brown. Talking about her hobbies, she loves hunting and climbing mountain. Also, she is a pet lover. The cast members of the show have also faced several charges. She is a tough girl who is familiar with the nature and wilderness of Alaska.

Snowbird Brown’s Teeth: Everyone Wants to Know About

Whoever has watched the Discovery’s reality show ‘Alaskan Bush People’ then you have noticed a girl with front teeth visibly wide gaps which is easily getting noticeable whenever she opens her mouth. Undoubtedly, everybody has several questions that why she didn’t go to the dentist and fixed her teeth?

Snowbird Brown's teeth
Snowbird Brown’s teeth

However, the reason behind this still behind the curtain. Maybe she just wants to look more realistic and natural instead of being artificial.

Career and Net Worth

Snowbird Brown is one of the cast members of an American reality television series ‘Alaskan Bush People’ which premiered on the Discovery Channel on May 6, 2014. The show is about the lifestyle residing in the Alaskan wilderness, away from modern society. The ninth season of the Alaskan Bush People was renewed in February 2019.

Alaskan Bush People's cast members
Alaskan Bush People’s cast members

Speaking about her net worth, she earns quite a good money from the show. Each of the cast members of the show got paid from $ 40K to 60K. Snowbird earns an annual salary of $60,000 so her worth would be increased in the upcoming days.

Snowbird Brown has a net worth of $100,000.

What is Snowbird Brown’s current relationship status?

Snowbird is a beautiful and smart girl but different from other ordinary girls. She loves spending her time playing with nature rather than staying at home.

She is an adventurous girl who has an interest in exploring the wilderness rather than showing off like fashion wear and shopping. It seems like, she doesn’t involve with any guy yet.

However, rumored to be around that she was pregnant because she gained such weight rapidly. The 4 years old reality star has now grown up and could take her own decision. Hope, she will find her perfect match very soon.

Does Snowbird Brown is active on social media?

Yes! she does active on Twitter and Facebook but has a considerable number of fan followers. Her username is Amore Snowbird Brown.

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  1. Does she really live in the bird like house ? And why still call them Alaskin Bush People when they live in Washington State and Noah and Matt don’t live their anymore ?????

    1. They are originally from Alaska. I find it hard to believe they live out in woods . when not tapping show. They each make about. $60,000 a season each

    2. Bird is a,beautiful girl, inside and out. It’s hard to understand why she wouldn’t have her teeth fixed. They appear to be broken and rotting like a meth user even though she is not. Even mom got hers repaired so she could smile. At least one brother has braces.

      1. I lived in the mountains for a long time lived off the land I can’t stand it when people pick on the Bush

  2. Making $100K/year you’d think she’d fix her nasty broken stained teeth. She talks through her nose and need speech therapy. She has potential to be more than her unkempt self

    1. Your a dick. Birdie is awesome !! She’s beautiful inside and out!! Something you wouldn’t understand because ur ugly!! Just say in????????

    2. Really Tam? Maybe you should concentrate on yourself and your education before passing judgement on another. It is 2020 and even though your lack of basic education is a clear issue, the phone, laptop, tablet or whatever it is you are using to troll this lovely young lady does have spellcheck and you may want to take advantage of it. When you are pretending to be superior by slamming someone, misspelling simple words decreases your credibility and makes you look pathetic and ridiculous. Does all that jealousy make you exhausted?

  3. With all of the popularity and money she should have her tooth fixed. After being in the dental field for more than fifty years it is hard looking at that tooth.

  4. I really hope you all are being Very careful who you pick for partners. There are alot of materialistic people in the world that would want to be with you All just for the sake of your money. We have watched you all for 5yrs. and would hate to see any of you hate by them.
    It looks to us like Noah’s wife is already taking him away from the family.

  5. Your a dick. Birdie is awesome !! She’s beautiful inside and out!! Something you wouldn’t understand because ur ugly!! Just say in????????

  6. Snowbird is the most down to earth woman I have ever seen. She is beutiful and has a very big heart. One day she is going to find a very lucky guy that will be very proud to be her husband.

  7. Man, some of you are ridiculous about her teeth?? Like it changes a single thing about the person she is. So many superficially shallow people. You’d rather see her be cosmetically altered than real? Something wrong with you.

  8. Hi I’m Donnie I love the show the way you live is just awesome I wish I could live like that if you ever make it out to Michigan you should come and Show me how to hunt I’ve never done it

  9. She’s a young lady enjoying life, watch what you say god doesn’t like ugly,your guys wife may have perfect teeth but stinky breath,just saying.

  10. Birdie is amazing and has a heart of gold. I would love to meet her and spend some time in the mountains reconnecting with nature, shooting guns and meeting her barnyard friends. Anyone who understands women knows that Birdie has not had the time or opportunity to meet anyone since her dad always seems to put her in charge of all the building projects on the ranch plus hunting and feeding the animals. But when she does meet someone she might decide to fix her beautiful smile to feel more feminine for herself and her hubby who probably won’t care if her teeth are broken. It’s all about a person’s character, and what’s in a person’s heart that’s important not the superficial bull society has bought into today. Birdie knows what she wants and I am sure her choice would not be to accept a hater that would want to change her teeth.She wants a man that she can love and trust and grow old with. Blessings Birdie, keep up the good work.

  11. I love bird! Nothing is better than a person who finds happiness in themselves. I love my animals too. I get it. Would love an autograph

  12. God bless Amora Jean! Keep on keeping on and the Lord will provide. You are a very beautiful young woman both inside and out. You are living as Jesus asked us to live. Keep the Holy Spirit in your heart. Praying that you have a long and wonderful life and enjoy every bit of happiness you deserve. More!

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